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Frenetic LLC

#About Frenetic LLC

We Make Games

We're working on a set of interesting video game concepts. Follow us at the links above to see hints about those as they become available! Our primary current title is Voxalia. News for that is posted in the Discord news channel. A few minor titles are more quietly also in the works.


We Make Software

We're working on high quality modern style software in general as well! Everything from script engines to data formatting systems. It may not sound impressive to the average person, but pieces of software like what we build go together to create amazing applications and video games, like those mentioned to the left.

#Our Team

The skilled group that makes things happen!

Alex "mcmonkey" Goodwin

The founder, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), and general leader of a lot of our projects. He writes a large amount of the code we use, as well as heading up the design and planning as much as possible. He as well leads the general business, especially for government- and public- relations purposes.



Zachary "Angel" Brooks

Zachary is very dedicated! As the CCO (Chief Creative Officer), he focuses primarily on his main role as story master for Frenetic LLC games. He's also very clever with game design, and he is working towards coding with us as well.


The non-leading team members

We have a variety of team members that help from non-leading roles as well! Connect to our Discord group to learn more about them and all the great work they do, as well as speak with them!

We would have gotten nowhere without the team we have!