Frenetic LLC

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Frenetic LLC maintains the majority of its actions under public record, and as such a log of major events is provided below:
2017 Feb 02FilingsFrenetic LLC registration accepted by the Secretary of State of California. Filed under LLC-1 (Articles of Organization).
2017 Feb 02OwnershipAlex Goodwin joins as a member and CEO (Chief Executive Officer).
2017 Feb 26ContractsAnthony Campellone has signed a mid-length contract to do work for Frenetic LLC.
2017 Mar 16OwnershipConnor Branan joins as a member and COO (Chief Operating Officer).
2017 May 16DocumentsStandards and Operating Procedures document prepared - view it here!
2017 Sep 08OwnershipZachary Brooks joins as a member and CCO (Chief Creative Officer).
2017 Sep 29LogoOur first proper logo was created (not counting the messy placeholders of the past) - view it here!
2019 June 09OwnershipConnor Branan steps down from his position as COO.

Note that formal government filings with the State of California are made available by the Secretary of State, which you can find here by searching "Frenetic LLC".
Note as well that for legal and safety reasons, specific financial details are being kept under a more private record.