Frenetic LLC

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Frenetic LLC maintains the majority of its actions under public record, and as such is provided below:
2017 Feb 02FilingsFrenetic LLC registration accepted by the Secretary of State of California. Filed under LLC-1 (Articles of Organization).
2017 Feb 02OwnershipAlex Goodwin joins as a member and CEO (Chief Executive Officer).
2017 Feb 26ContractsAnthony Campellone has signed a mid-length contract to do work for Frenetic LLC.
2017 Mar 16OwnershipConnor Branan joins as a member and COO (Chief Operating Officer).
2017 May 16DocumentsStandards and Operating Procedures document prepared - view it here!
2017 Sep 08OwnershipZachary Brooks joins as a member and CCO (Chief Creative Officer).

Note that at this time, specific financial details are being kept under a more private record.